Monday, June 14, 2010

Highlights from the dusty trail

Here are some pictures from my trip so far.

We found a giant moth at the lake.

He had the most amazing furry body and feathery antennae.

Almost as big as my face!

Surprise Uncle Pauly!

Hooking live minnows for the first time as bait for fishing.

Wonderscope's Space Room with my friend Ficher.

Building a fire pit with Grandma Suzette.

Giant Marshmallow Smores!

We went to the Georgia O'Keeffe and New Mexico Art Museums
 in Santa Fe with Grandma & Grandpa.

Holding a hummingbird!!!  It bumped it's head on my Grandma's window
so we each got to hold him until he could fly away.

There are so many humming birds here.  You can stand right next to them while they eat from the feeder.  I couldn't feel this hummingbird in my hand it was so light.


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hitting The Dusty Trail

That's what my mom says when we all get in the car.  I spent Memorial Day weekend up at the lake with my grandparents, aunts and uncles and lot's of cousins.  We had so much fun having water gun fights and taking boat rides.  I even went tubing behind the boat.

Tuesday we left the lake and went to Kansas City, KS.  My mom and dad have a friend there named Kat.  We stayed at Kat's house for two nights and played with Fisher and Ty.  We had lots of fun playing at the playground and going to a place called Wonderscope.  Wonderscope is like the Children's' Museum in Saint Paul but much smaller.

Thursday we hit the road again and went to a town called Hays, KS.  There wasn't any hay there but we did see lots of horses and cows along the way.  We swam in the hotel pool a bunch and then went to dinner.  We loved jumping on the hotel beds and we watched a movie called the Tooth Fairy.  Now I know what will happen when I loose my first tooth.

Friday we hit the road for Colorado to visit my cousins Addie, Eliana & Brooke.  We had a water gun fight and made water balloons.  We also went exploring and climbed a big tree.  I am having a really good time.

So far I have been to Iowa, Kansas and Colorado.  If you want to look at a map to see how I got here you can.  From Minneapolis we drove on Highway 35 to Kansas then Highway 70 into Colorado.  We then took Highway 24 and a bunch of back roads to get to my cousins house in Monument, CO.  They have a type of cow here called Long Horn Steer.  I like seeing them a lot.

Another family is living in my house now.  They have a six year old girl like me and a three year old boy.  I bet they are having fun on my rope swing.  Thank you everybody for leaving me messages.  It makes me feel really good.  Miss you all.