Friday, August 15, 2014

Long Shot!

Hello peeps! bad News: My brother is Throwing plastic eggs at me, and trying to bite my arm. He is the most annoying brother in The MULTI-VERSE! My elbow is also burning because my Brother made me hit my arm against my chair. That's my Kooky life for you...
The WiFi was down So I could not post. And Good news: My dad and I are going out for Sushi ( I don't get it much because my brother and sister don't like it ) And when we get back from that me and him are going to watch The Fault In Our Stars! ( watch the Trailer , PG-13 )
MORE Bad news: My mom's Phone is DEAD! So Sorry No Pics Of the Sushi! *Makes a sad face*
( Not really )
( PS: I noticed that I Used to write XXOO but what ever :P )
( PPS: I Called this post Long Shot! because I Shot the plastic egg back at my bro and it flew Down Stairs!)
(PPPS: I Love Writing these PSs ! )
But really...

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